Casting Our Eye Over HCI

My previous blog post HCI – Hero From Day Zero discusses my initial findings and setup of NetApp’s Next Generation HCI solution. After reflecting on these for a while and chatting with my colleague @WelshMatador I have put together several videos around NetApp HCI where we take our conversation on air for your viewing pleasure.

In the first of our videos we tackle some of the HCI out of the box basics such as “What cabling does a NetApp HCI installation require?” or “How should I do this?”

In part two we look at the very slick NetApp Deployment Engine (NDE) and discuss initial setup. Part three looks at growing your environment and the process involved.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will add more videos covering different aspects of NetApp’s HCI platform so please check back soon as this page will be updated.






And if you haven’t got the bandwidth to stream the above here’s a nice close-up of the system used for the videos.

HCI platform


2 thoughts on “Casting Our Eye Over HCI

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