Getting Started with DevOps

Part of my job allows me to travel and meet partners up and down the UK helping enable them to properly sell the NetApp portfolio. One thing I have noticed is that even the more proactive partners are still chasing after the modernize aspect of the three IT imperatives as an area they are going to market with; some seem to be slowly adopting build and yet the majority are avoiding inspire.

These 3 imperatives align with the three key parts to the Data Fabric, and each has a place within every organisation. Making sure your customers understand the Data Fabric story and how it relates to their business is something I task each partner with and if need be, provide support.

So for all my presentations and education there still seems to be a chasm that needs to be crossed by our partners, and with some of the feedback I have received it has come to my attention that there are quite considerable differences between selling new hardware and selling cloud products and services.

One of the pain points seems to be a lack of understanding and training around cloud environments and the fact they all use a different nomenclature leads people often to either search out a Rosetta Stone or give up.

First I would suggest that if anyone is serious in getting to know what the DevOps community is all about then you should read “The Phoenix Project” (by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford) and if you enjoyed it the accompanying material “The DevOps Handbook” (Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois and John Willis). These two books provide a great insight into what is happening within IT oragansiations across the globe today.

If you have read it and don’t know where to go from there; or if a 250-page IT novel doesn’t interest you then Arrow can help.

Let me start by ask to you whether you know your Jenkins from Jarvis, your Trident from your spear, SCRUM from your ruck, CI/CD from your AC/DC? Or how about your containers from your Tupperware, Mode 1 from Mode 2, GitHub from a wine bar, Kubernetes from K8s, Prometheus from Sulacco or your Hedvig from Hedwig?

Do you understand modern scalable dynamic application development and how these are deployed in today’s hybrid cloud world using microservices, services meshes and declarative API’s?

If you have issues identifying the terms above and feel they are more akin to Pokémon than to IT well fear not! Today we are launching the Arrow Build series.

The idea behind this is for it to be a series of events to help you and your organisation get up to speed and have the skill set to work with these innovative application developers and born in the cloud businesses.

Launching with the first event in our London office, this half day hands on session will introduce some of the terms you are likely to hear and also provide a great look into the modern application development framework.  If this is successful and there is demand for it up North then we may repeat the event or host something similar in Harrogate, but I would strongly urge all partners to come and attend the first session. Not only will you gain some new skills (which to be honest you want to so you can put them on your LinkedIn profile) but will allow us to create and grow a UK community. With the British government (when not arguing about Brexit) striving to make us a world leader in AI (we can argue the AI v ML stance later) many of these skills are applicable and if you prefer your GUI to CLI then there are plenty of things we can do to help you understand the landscape.

With your wittiest T-shirt on, I look forward to seeing you in London on the afternoon of the19th of September, bring along your colleagues, stay and have a beer with us after, and until then:

While (alive)