It takes a Village

The above is a favourite  saying by a friend of mine and I think it rings true more than we know. In todays modern society I think we work together and use other’s help and knowledge more and more on a daily basis. I for one know that if I can’t perform something I go looking for other blog posts or even YouTube videos on the topic of choice for advice. This could be repairing washing machine handles or how to get your Soufflés to rise; someone out there has shared a prized piece of know-how to complete the task at hand.

In the IT community the idea of working together is still alive and well. Whether you are on the network team, the virtualisation team or maybe you are a DevOps team, maybe you follow Jeff Bezos’ two pizza rule. The point of working together to better the environment has never been more true. When I first got started with NetApp I probably had more questions than answers and thankfully NetApp has a website that helped – the NetApp Community Site.

The new landing page

One of the best things about this site (and others like it) is that it puts you in touch with literally thousands of users with varying skills and levels of knowledge. People scattered around the globe in different time zones only too happy to help. One of the reasons I like working with NetApp so much is that if I had a problem or an issue I know that If I go and post something on the community site, someone somewhere would help regardless of whether they worked for a customer, partner or NetApp.

Getting to the topics of interest

The Community site has recently gone through a face lift and its new and improved user interface looking fresh and straightforward to navigate. You can easily get into sections devoted to your favourite subject be that Flash and NVMe, Python Developer discussions or topics on the newly updated NetApp U courses and exams; you can find someone to converse with. You can either search for a topic or start a new discussion effortlessly from the home page; an effort to help those who need it as quickly as possible. It also is a nice place to access blog posts. Whether that be on the official NetApp blog site or something created by the community it’s a great location to gain a distilled look at the current topics of discussion. So I would urge you if you haven’t had a look for a while then check out the new and improved, version 2.0 NetApp Community Site and who knows maybe you have the knowledge that could help out someone in need.

Oh, and on the Soufflés, it’s make sure you don’t overfold your egg whites into the base.